About Us

Our Mission

Growing Kids Academy is a private school dedicated to providing exceptional care and education to children ages 6 weeks through 12 years.  Parents have high expectations especially when it comes to their child’s school experiences.  At Growing Kids Academy, our teachers soar to new heights and work to challenge youngsters to have a love for learning!

Growing Kids Academy at a Glance


  • Private school that specializes in early learning programs for the care and education of INFANT, TODDLER, PRESCHOOL, KINDERGARTEN and ELEMENTARY age children.
  • Unique curriculum (Creative Kaleidoscope of Learning, Kindergarten Club, Kind Child).
  • Convenient location just off of Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Hwy) and Mills Drive in the Cosner’s Corner Shopping Plaza.


  • Infant and Toddler Early Care and Education Programs focus on individual needs.
  • Preschool programs focus on traditional values and academic skills.
  • Kindergarten students work at gifted and talented pace.
  • Enrichment programs promote children’s individual talents and interests.
  • Before & After School Programs and Summer Camp Quest for Adventures Program.


  • Degreed teachers implement theme-based school readiness curriculum and assessment.
  • Child-friendly Learning Lab classrooms maximize play and challenge young minds.
  • Teachers and children explore in various Learning Lab classrooms throughout the day – No boredom here!
  • Modern facility designed by leaders in early childhood education.


  • Growing Kids Academy is licensed to operate in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Security and fire systems provide 24/7 response to emergency personnel.
  • Cleanliness and accident prevention.
  • School personnel easily identified by uniform.
  • Criminal Record and Background checks for all school personnel.
  • School personnel trained in safety procedures and drills.
  • Surveillance Cameras.
  • Crisis Management Plan for Schools Serving Young Children.
  • Computerized and manual check-in system.

Cadence Education

Growing Kids Academy is proud to be A Cadence Education School™. Cadence Education is one of the premier early childhood educators in the United States, operating over 150 private preschools and elementary schools as members of the Cadence Education Family of Schools across the country. With over 20 years in business, we have developed an unparalleled expertise in preparing students to thrive in the next step of their childhood. Please click here to learn more about Cadence Education.